Which Book Week mum are you?

It’s almost Book Week (17-24 August 2018) and with that comes the inevitable Book Week costume. While some Mums have been planning (and pinning) costume ideas since contacting books or completing Easter bonnets some months ago, others loathe the thought of coming up with something creative.

I am not sure who gets more joy out of Book Week – the kid who gets to dress in a cardboard box and smile for a thousand photos because he/she looks like the cover of a Mr Men book or the parents who get to be clever and creative (and somewhat competitive). From what I hear, in some families, no one gets any joy out of it!


With that, I feel like I can almost categorise Book Week mums into one of six groups – which Book Week mum are you?


Crafty Cathy

Cathy has a whole page in Pinterest dedicated to this week of the year. She makes weekly trips to craft shops and has the costume ready weeks in advance. Cathy can’t wait for the day when she can post oodles of photos of her marvellous creation on social media with the hashtag #madebyme. By September, Cathy is already in planning mode for next year.

Competitive Cass

Cass is often seen sneaking around costume shops in the lead up to Book Week. She doesn’t care what it costs as long as her kid looks good and she doesn’t have to make the darn thing. #cheater

Empowering Evelyn

Evelyn likes to empower her child to design and make his/her own costume (aka Evelyn is too lazy to come up with something so touts it as a wonderful learning experience). #freespirit

Last minute Lily

Lily is up until midnight on the eve of the Book Week parade raiding her craft and costume draws to come up with something creative. Lily’s creations often feature on the #nailedit feed along with her cake creations the day before birthday parties.

Smart Sarah

Sarah delegates the task of Book Week costume to her partner. Depending on your partner your child may end up as Where’s Wally (the creative simple costume), a superhero or sport star (the lazy costume) or something resembling Grug. But really, who cares, you didn’t have to do anything! #whydidntithinkofthat

Forgetful Fiona

Fiona remembers Book Week as she walks out the door in the morning and throws in the nearest Elsa or Spiderman costume she can find – they are books too right? #f**kitsbookweek


So, whether you love or loathe Book Week, it’s only once a year and it’s nice that our community gets together to celebrate all things reading and costumes… ahhh… I mean books.

And while you are paper macheting your creation, why not listen to the ‘In Mum’s good books’ podcast which you can download on your favourite podcasting app – or listen here.

P.S. this year my son Harry is going as Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs – I am not sure which category I fit, #convenient?!

And for those who may need some inspiration, here are some of my past creations.

The Lorax outfit is orange clothes and yes I got the scissors, felt and glue out (the night before) and glued up the accessories. The blue and white pom pom things were birthday party decorations.

The Little Red Riding Hood costume is one my Mum made 20 years ago for a fancy dress party (yes we are hoarders but it came in handy – just a few pins and she was sorted).

The Gumnut Babies costume was an old dance costume which my sister wore 20 years ago when she did ballet – thanks again Mum!

Lorax Dr Suess   

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